2015 was a great year with the National series comprising 5 races in 4 provinces:
Oranjeville (Free State), Richards Bay & Durban (KZN), Benoni (Gauteng) and Witbank (Mpumalanga). I would like to thank everyone who helped with the organising of all the races: Johann & Sharmane Bukes for Oranjeville; John & Marcel de Ponte & Sean Hayes for Richards Bay & Durban; Channe’ for Benoni, and Elardus & Cecil Larney for Witbank.

Our membership increased quite a bit this year; we had 40 nationally registered riders this year, which makes us the largest class association in watersports in SA.
Thanks partly to Sean Valsecchi who encouraged a lot of the Jetfighters riders to become national competitors too.

Our development initiative, the Booster Cup was up & running this year. They competed at 4 out of the 5 venues and was quite an attraction for the public.

I’d also like to congratulate, Sean Valsecchi for his Jetfighters series, which has progressed such that riders are progressing to competing in the National series.

Summary of our season:
Oranjeville – this race was a very successful race to start off our season and was well supported by old & new riders who had missed racing the previous 2 years. The Booster cup attracted 12 entries, partly thanks to the class being promoted by Johann Bukes.
Richards Bay - well organised by Marcel & John de Ponte & Sean Hayes; the racing was good and did attract a lot of spectators even though the venue was not easily accessible and we did have an unfortunate racing accident which delayed the racing & because our time on the beach was limited, we had to shorten our races to accommodate this.
Benoni - this was a hugely successful race with a lot of competitors in the national as well as Booster Cup racing. The spectator attendance was also very good.
Durban - this was organised in conjunction with the Beach festival so there were a few problems, but they were eventually sorted out. Unfortunately due to the very big waves, a number of riders did not compete but it was still a good 2 days of racing and attracted a lot of spectators.
Witbank – this was a venue we hadn’t been to for a while and it turned out to be very good. The spectator attendance was good, thanks to the promotional work of Elardus & Cecil Larney.

On the International front, we had a team of 8 riders go to the USA where they competed at the 2014 IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA from the 4th to the 12th October. The results were:
Shante’ Bukes – 2nd in Womans Runabout Limited & 4th in Amateur Runabout

Jared Moore – 8th in GP Runabout open & 9th in Pro Runabout Open



Dustin Motzouris – 2nd in GP Ski Open and 4th in Pro Ski Open Tyron Motzouris – 16th in GP Ski Open & 17th in Pro Ski Open Marcel de Ponte – 12th in Amateur Runabout
John de Ponte – 6th in Novice Ski

Peter Britz – 14th Expert Vets Runabout Dwayne Hayes - 11th in Junior Ski 13-15 years.

Thanks to Rob Niterl for his OD duties and also for assisting as the Safety Officer.

Thanks to Heidi for assisting with secretarial duties & for attending the PSA meetings with me. Thanks to Channe’ who is in charge of e-mails and who also keeps the website and Facebook page updated with information as well race photos and results.

Thanks to Jared for putting the courses out and replacing buoys when they came loose. Also thanks to those riders who assisted with taking the buoys out at the end of race days.

Thank you to Pat Lees who did the scrutineering at our races, as well as being on the duty-boat (ski) on the water as most races.

A special thank you to Johan & Sharmane Bukes who were always prepared to help with anything when asked.

On the whole, everyone has contributed to the running of our series this year, & if I haven’t mentioned your name specifically, it’s not deliberate & I do appreciate that everyone contributed to our sport.

Thank you

Terry Moore Chairman


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