Terry Moore (chairman)                             Johann Bukes (vice-chairman)

Heidi Leith                                                 Trevor Pollard

Jared Moore                                             Sean Valsecchi

Shaman Bukes                                           Cecil Larney

Diane Hayes                                             Lorna Moore (treasurer)

Shante’ Bukes                                           Darius Bukes

Steven vd Poll                                           Jonathan Raulo

John de Ponte                                          Marcel de Ponte

Elands Larney                                           Sean Hayes


Christo Malan                                           Peter Britz

Byron Newberry                                       Nick Thompson

Estiaan Steenkamp                                   Kobus Malan

Tyron Motzouris                                       Claude Newberry

Rob Niterl

1. Welcome

- The chairman (Terry Moore) welcomed those present and thanked Johann & Sharmane Bukes for hosting us at the LPS offices.

2. Matters Arising

- all present had minutes of the 2014 AGM

- No-one present had any queries connected to this

- Proposed by Heidi Leitch, Seconded by Terry Moore

3. Chairman’ s Report – attached

- The chairman’s report was read out

- Terry said that he had a problem transporting the buoys to all the races and asked for someone to take over the responsibility for this as well as for doing the course- building at the races. Jonathan Raolo offered to take responsibility for the buoys & Terry said he will him sorting an appropriate trailer, and Jared said he will help teach Jonathan course-building. Jonathan will be paid R2000 per race for this and the race entry fees will be increased slightly to cover this cost.

- Proposed by Heidi Leitch, seconded by Johann Bukes

4. Financial Report - attached

- read over by the treasurer (Lorna Moore)

- Sean Valsecchi said he had contact details for the Jetski fishing as well as the Flyboard associations and he will contact them to inform them they need to affiliate to SAJSBA

- all present accepted the report with no queries

- Proposed by Steven vd Poll, Seconded by Heidi Leitch

5. DevelopmentReport:Jetfighters–attached Read out by Sean Valsecchi

- They had increase in numbers, had 4 successful races, and looks promising for the coming year

- Proposed by Heidi Leitch, seconded by Cecil Larney : Booster Cup – attached

- Had a very successful year, entry-wise as well as financially

- Proposed by Heidi Leitch, seconded by Elardus Larney

6. OD Report/Safety Report

- attached

- presented by Lorna Moore in Rob Niterl’s absence

- no serious issues reported on

- Proposed by Heidi Leitch, Seconded by Trevor Pollard

7. General

1. PSA – the members were informed of the PSA AGM which will be held on the 28th November at 10am at SASCOC house in Johannesburg, and members were asked to please attend

- It will be an elective AGM so it was discussed with members as to who they would like to nominate: decided on Christo de Jager for President and Petrus Whiteman for Vice President. PSA needs a secretary but no-one from SAJSBA available

- PSA rider licence fee is R300 - SAJSBA affiliation fee to PSA is R1750 per year 2. Regionals: Jetfighters North West & Jetfighters KZN- Sean has been talking to the people at Leeukop Prison about their dam being used for Gauteng Jetfighters, especially as Hartebeespoortdam is very green.

- The Jetfighters NW/Gauteng calendar is still being put together, but it was suggested that maybe 2 of the 4 races be combined with national events, possibly Richards Bay & Ballito

- Jetfighters KZN will definitely have at least 1 race, probably in Richards Bay where they will make a big effort to attract & train more junior riders.

3. Calendar

A provisional calendar of 5 races was decided on

1. Jan/Feb-Oranjeville–atwhichwewillalsohavethe2015prizegiving

2. March - Richards Bay – probably National & Jetfighters

3. April - Benoni – probably also National & Jetfighters

4. July - Durban/Ballito

5. September-Witbank

Johann Bukes (LPS) is willing to sponsor our National series again, to great delight of all members.

4. Race Officials

1. OD : Rob Niterl, is prepared to be our OD again in 2016

2. Rescue: The members all agreed that we would continue to use Destination Medicine for our inland races and IPSS for our KZN races

3. Terry says he has a re-built runabout which he is prepared to sell to SAJSBA for rescue at what it cost him –R45 000- & SAJSBA could pay him as they have money. The members all agreed to this.

4. Lorna & Sharmane have volunteered to continue with the scoring, and during the 2015 season Sarah Milne scored too & is willing to continue scoring in 2016.

5. Trevor Pollard has offered to supply chairs for race officials as SAJSBA has purchased our own table for the scorers as they haven’t had a table at some venues

5. Development

1. Booster Cup: All members have been asked to help to promote & grow this series

2. Sean Valsecchi to continue with his Jetfighters, assisted by Nick Thompson, Steven vd Poll, Marcel & John de Ponte as well as Sean Hayes

3. Booster Cup: we’re going to try & promote it with corporate days, ie. team building etc

6. Promotion/Sponsorship

1. With LPS sponsoring the 2016 season again, the basic costs would be covered

2. Sean says he has been talking to Red Bull about a sponsorship too

3. Trevor confirmed organising chairs as well as a gazebo for race control

4. Trophies: as trophies were one of our biggest expenses, it was discussed to maybe do medals for the Pro classes (as they usually have a lot of trophies already) and trophies for the Junior & Novice classes. Johann suggested a stainless steel trophy that could be the same for every race with a sticker/plate that could be put on denoting each race, so they could be used again if all not used at any venue. Jared & Trevor to look into this

5. Sean and Jonathan also suggested getting sponsors for the buoys and will look into this

6. A sponsor for Booster Cup racing is also going to be looked for


Booster Cup – change to only 2 heats per class, & if time permits maybe a shootout final heat

- Possibly have 2 regional Booster Cup events with the top 3 of each being invited to Compete in Booster Cup at a national event

1. We need to get life-jackets, helmets & googles that make the Booster Cup entrants look better; Terry says his company, TM Trucking will pay for them if we can get them at a good price from Burn

2. It was suggested that we maybe have “Booster Cup” or the sponsor’s logo on bibs that go over the life-jackets; Trevor said he would see what he could do.

3. JohannBukes:saidhewashappytoseegrowthinthesportagainandespecially to see that Booster Cup is running at a profit & supporting the National series financially too

4. Sean & Trevor want to put together a team to organise a crowdfunding initiative to raise funds to help riders to go to the World Finals or Kings Cup events. All riders who wish to compete at these international events will be asked to assist Booster Cup corporate days to contribute to this fund too

5. Sean Hayes said we need to try and encourage younger riders to compete, the 12-16 year age group.

6. Jared mentioned that we need to buy more buoys; he says we can get from Seaport @ R950 each & we need to get 12. We can now use white ones too. If we sell advertising on the buoys, it was decided to charge R2500 for 2 buoys and Trevor is prepared to do the branding in whichever form is decided on

7. Shante’ suggested that we promote jetski racing amongst the Motorcross riders as that is a way to get new riders into the sport & it will also help close the gap between novice & pro

8.Jonathan commented that the race days worked well when a tight schedule was adhered to; the members all agreed that unless there was circumstances outside of the official’s control, a schedule will be set & stuck to at each race. The race schedule was usually disrupted by riders doing race registration late. The following was suggested & unanimously approved:

All members are encouraged to pre-enter. Pre-entry fee will be R550

Race day entry will be R650

If you pre-pay for the whole season (5 races) = R2500

National licences will still be R500 per rider this year:

R300 – PSA licence fee


R 50 – Photo & licence card cost

R 50 - PSA affiliation.

So if you prepay for the 5 races & national licence, it will be R3000. This will save a lot of time wasted for race registration. Even if you prepay, each rider must still check into race control before racing so a roll call list can be compiled.

9. A suggestion was made that could we make a Booster Cup flier that could be used before each venue to be handed out in the towns where the races were being held, to make the public aware of the Booster Cup and hopefully attract competitors. Channe’ to be asked to do this.

10. Steven asked that if National riders wanted to compete in the Booster Cup too, as previously there had been a Pro class & it was a lot of fun, but could the entry fee be reduced if they had already paid entry fee for the nationals; it was agreed that the entry for them would be reduced to R500.

11.Jared brought up the issue of classes for the coming season. As runabouts were becoming fewer because of it becoming more expensive, everybody felt the classes should be adjusted to try and encourage more competitors. The following classes were agreed on:

Novice Ski

Ski Lites

Pro Ski

Sport Lites Novice

Sport Lites Pro

Sport Pro

Runabout Stock Out The Box – Novice Pro (Ltd class)

Runabout 2 stroke.

7. Close

- the meeting was closed at 16h00.

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