O D Report for 2015

National Events

There were 5 national races this year, namely Oranjeville, Richards Bay, Benoni, Durban and Witbank.

Oranjeville ran very well, except for Johann Bukes, who broke his foot when he got thrown from his ski, and Shante Bukes who twisted her knee. The rescue for that race was Destination Medicine who were excellent in all aspects.

Richards Bay was a busy day. In the stock class Darius Bukes hit Garth Scott and they both had to be rescued and brought off the water, Garth was transported to hospital by IPSS, and the incident reports are attached as reference, and then in the Booster Cup there was another incident, where the rider was rescued by IPSS and transported to Hospital, also please see attached incident report. The rescue for that day were IPSS, and they handled the day well.

Benoni ran off without incident, with some good clean racing. There was a black flag issued to Nic Behr, in the blaster class, for going contraflow, which he later revealed was for a broken steering cable, but he was asked to please not do so again. Once again the rescue was done by Destination Medicine who were great as usual.

Durban was our surf race for the year, and it gave us some spectacular surf to race on. The racing was good and a few people fell off but nobody was injured on the day. We did have to rescue a few jetskis after the riders fell off and they started to sink. IPSS were the rescue crew and handled the day well.

Witbank was a day at a dam that was very empty and very muddy. The racing went off well, except for the ski class, where Marcelle De Ponte fell and was hit by another competitor, and he had to be rescued by Destination Medicine. He had a concussion and minor facial injuries. Destination Med were excellent once again.

Jet fighters

Round 1 was held at Haartebeespoort Dam. As with all the Jetfighter events, it went off well with no incidents, Destination Med doing the rescue again

Round 2 was at Vrede, and also ran off with no problems. Destination Med once again providing excellent cover.

Round 3 was held in conjunction with the Richards bay race for the National Series. Once again no incidents occurred and IPSS did the rescue for the day.

Round 4 was also held in conjunction with the National Series, and other than very challenging water on the Saturday. It was incident free, and IPSS did the rescue. Sunday they did freestyle which went off well and was great to see.


Did a regional race in Richards Bay, which coincided with the Port Festival. Ran off smoothly, with Blasters and stand ups. Rescue was done by IPSS.

Robert Niterl

Officer of the Day


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