Breaking news
  1. National Jet Ski Double Header Ballito – 29 February 2020
  2. Naval Island, Richards Bay -3 August 2019
  3. Boaters World, Hartbeespoort Dam, 18 May 2019
  4. Results – SAJSBA 2019 National 1 Benoni
  5. Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth 20-21 April 2019


2019 Race calendar:

March 23 – East Rand Boat Club, Benoni
April 20 & 21st – Port Elizabeth
May 18 – Hartbeespoort Dam
August 03 – Richards Bay
September 7 – Oranjeville


  1. Official Race Registration and Entry Form – CLICK HERE
  2. 2019 PSA Season License Form – CLICK HERE

Please note: Accommodation & travel costs are for your own arrangement and cost for all races excluding Port Elizabeth where we have a sponsor who covers accommodation and provides a travel allowance.

Classes (These are the classes we could potentially offer. 3 or more riders constitutes a race, 1 or 2 riders only receive half points):

*Ski refers to a stand-up *Sport refers to a Blaster 1 or 2 sitdown 800cc and below *Runabout refers to a sit- down jet ski

Vets Runabout Open (35 – 49 years)
Masters Runabout Open (50years +)
Junior Ski Lites (8-14 years)
Novice Ski (15 + years, 1st year of racing)
Pro Ski Open
Junior Sport Lites (8-14 years)
Sport Lites
Junior Runabout Stock (8-14 years)
Novice Runabout Stock
Pro Runabout Stock
Pro Runabout Open
1100 Sport Class (Yamaha EX or See-Doo Spark)
Enduro Stock
Enduro Open

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the rule book, click on the following link or copy and paste into your browser

If you have ridden 1 season in the Novice Class you will move up to the stock class the following season. PLEASE READ THE RULE BOOK AS PER THE LINK ABOVE, we have appointed a technical crew who have the right to check any engine at scrutineering and they can strip any Jet Ski of the top 3 placed riders in any class, should they wish to check the motor, as per the IJSBA rules.


We are pleased to confirm the following sponsors for 2019:
Gazebo World
Kloof Car Sales
TM Trucking
Mike’s Kitchen
Showdown Transport
FIT Industries

We are currently looking for monetary sponsors towards the purchase of 6 yellow and 6 Red Buoys. We are unable to brand directly on the buoys, however should you wish to sponsor we will in return provide you with a telescopic banner. R3500 will get you 1 buoy and 1 Telescopic Banner, R5000 will get you 2 buoys and 2 Telescopic banners for the 2019 race season. Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity please urgently send through your logo in a PDF or Vector format to

Marketing & Advertising
Please visit our website and social media channels. Facebook and on Instagram

Boat Numbering System
This is not negotiable!
According to the IJSBA Competition Rulebook the requirements for a boat number are as follows:
Racing number backgrounds must be clearly located on the hull in. Be careful not to place them in a location that will obscure them from the scorers (i.e., they should not be placed in the footwell or on horizontal surfaces).
Race number background sizes are as follows:

Racing Number Background sizes
One digit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20cm high by 15cm wide
Two digits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20cm high by 23cm wide
Three digits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20cm high by 30cm wide

Racing numbers must be a minimum of 18cm high, standard block-type numbers without shading or outlining must be used. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the numbers are easy to read. If two or more riders
using the same number enter the same class at the same event, all but one will be required to add a temporary letter suffix (e.g. 101A etc.).

More information to follow for each event in due course.  Please note that we are in discussions with parties regarding festivals and other events, however these will not be part of the National Calendar and will purely be fun events and you will be advised of these as these are confirmed.

Should you or anyone you know wish to put on an event to include SAJSBA please arrange for details to be sent through to for consideration.